Benoit Duvette


I work on the themes of space and time, reality and onirism, mutilations and mutations. Multidisciplinarity places the question of the character at the center of my work. My achievements materialize figures whose body is the starting point of a reflection on identity.

In the characters of my works (Body of Angels , Fugue , Fake Scars, Embrasure) often represented from their back, the bodies wear scars, try to extricate themselves from their exuviae or expel their sense of death.

Through the music, my artistic universe, in a conquest of unmasked reality, oscillates between soundscapes and individual testimonies.

Inherent in my compositions, time and space are the object of a particular attention which spreads within my works related to the image. In the image and in my cinematographic realizations, I tend towards realism. I scout meticulous location of a pure real, natural in order to build universes that help to reveal the dream of reality.