Fugue # Extricate

In the dead of night, the shadow of a floating character appears. Gradually, a regular balance settles down. On the basis of a swing, a boy wearing a cap impulses a naïve movement. The light becomes intensified : the swin gantry and a cardboard ground appear, such a playground.

This project deals with issues about adolescence, mutation, mutilation and provocative and involuntary behaviours of bodies in motion.

Stage director, sound designer

Interpretation : Eliott Pradot
Art director assistant : Camille Graule
With the support of (2017 – 2018) DRAC Hauts-de-France, Espace Pasolini (Valenciennes), Point Éphémère (Paris), Théâtre Massenet (Lille), Théâtre Le Grand Bleu (Lille)

Fugue is a piece partitioned into five sections of thirty minutes each. The sections can be played some following the others or in a isolated way. When they establish a series, the number of parts can be going from 1 to 5.