Fugue # Strip off

An anteroom is blocked by curtains. In this space, the character arranges a jump rope through the room. On his face a transparent mask decked out of a black band hides its look. Begin on this improvised scene a dance show rickety, between movement of carnival and lascivious positions.

This project deals with issues about adolescence, mutation, mutilation and provocative and involuntary behaviours of bodies in motion.

Stage director, sound designer

Interpretation : Eliott Pradot
Art director assistant : Camille Graule
With the support of (2017 – 2018) DRAC Hauts-de-France, Espace Pasolini (Valenciennes), Point Éphémère (Paris), Théâtre Massenet (Lille), Théâtre Le Grand Bleu (Lille)

Fugue is a piece partitioned into five sections of thirty minutes each. The sections can be played some following the others or in a isolated way. When they establish a series, the number of parts can be going from 1 to 5.